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January 2023 Product Updates
Published Feb 1, 2023
Playwright support, Network Latency analysis, Slack integration & more!

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5 Ways to Better Debug Failing Cypress Tests in CI
Published Jan 16, 2023
5 tips you can use to pull more debug information out of your Cypress tests when they fail in CI.

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Decreasing Docker Build Times by 50% in Github Actions with Docker Buildx Caching
Published Jan 14, 2023
How we improved Docker Build times by 50% with Github Actions Caches and Docker Buildx for our Cypress E2E Tests

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How We Seed & Test our Mongo-based App with Cypress
Published Oct 28, 2022
How we ensure our test data never drifts from our app implementation of Mongo.

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Introducing Our Free Cypress Parallelization Plan
Published Oct 19, 2022
Speed up your Cypress test runs for free with our new free parallelization plan.

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Setting up Cypress with Github Actions and Heroku Review Apps
Published Oct 12, 2022
How to set up Heroku Review Apps and Github Actions to run Cypress tests in just a few minutes.

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No Tears Guide to Creating E2E Test Scripts for Playwright & Puppeteer
Published Mar 16, 2022
A few tricks I wish I knew to quickly craft reliable E2E tests with Playwright and Puppeteer, instead of crying over error logs and wrangling clueless automation scripts.