Network Timing Analysis

Network Timing Analysis

DeploySentinel's Network Timing analysis feature allows engineers to assess the performance of their endpoints directly from their Cypress test runs. The feature provides information on the response time of each endpoint, as well as trends in response time over time, making it possible to identify performance bottlenecks and make optimizations as needed.

You can get started by visiting the Network Latency tab under the Analysis page (opens in a new tab).

network timing

You can filter reqests by path and method (e.g. GET), and by domain by checking the "Group by Domain" option. This makes it possible to analyze latency for specific environments (e.g. localhost:9000 vs

The Network Timing analysis feature provides latency analysis by percentile (50th, 90th, 95th), with the sample size (number of requests made) displayed in parentheses next to the latency value.