Eliminate Flaky Cypress Tests

Save hours of test debugging by using DOM, network, and console events captured by DeploySentinel from your CI.

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Test Debugging - Network Request Failures

Works with your CI & Cypress Test Suite, No Dashboard Required

An alternative to Cypress Dashboard, focused on providing the debugging tools engineers need.
DeploySentinel runs in your CI and integrates as a Cypress plugin.

Inspect DOM Snapshots with Familiar Dev Tools

DeploySentinel captures full fidelity DOM snapshots throughout a test, so you can inspect selector issues or unexpected rendering behavior using your browser devtools.

Uncover Network Request Errors and Race Conditions

Inspect network request details from browser network errors to response payloads.

Never Miss a Console Log

View any console message emitted from your app, test, and browser.

Why Engineering Teams Love DeploySentinel

Debugging flaky tests using DeploySentinel has been a game changer for our team, allowing us to ship features quickly and confidently. The difference between simple videos is night & day.
Joe Gaudet
Director of Software Development
Before working with you guys, I would run Cypress tests locally until I got tests to fail because the Cypress Dashboard didn't give enough information. With DeploySentinel, I no longer have to do that.
Christopher Jamison
Lead QA Software Automation Engineer

Integrates in your Pull Request Workflow

Access the debugger results directly from your Github PR, CI logs, or JUnit reports.

Identify Unreliable Tests

Analyze test case stability trends and keep test failure rates under your team's target.

Parallelize Test Suites with Load Balancing

Enable parallelized test runners with DeploySentinel load balancing for faster test results. A drop-in alternative to Cypress Dashboard.

Get started in less than 2 minutes

Add our plugin with just 2 lines of code. Fully compatible with your existing Cypress test suite, no test changes necessary.
1. Install via NPM or Yarn
2. Import Support & Plugin File to Cypress
Cypress 9 and Below
Cypress 10
// Cypress Plugin File (cypress/plugin/index.js)
module.exports = (on, config) => {
  // Install the plugin last to avoid conflicts
  require("@deploysentinel/cypress-debugger/plugin")(on, config);
// Cypress Support File (cypress/support/index.js)
import '@deploysentinel/cypress-debugger/support';
import './commands';
3. Run Cypress with an API Key
Cypress Browser Type
Chrome / Chromium
Electron (Default)
Firefox / Edge (Coming Soon)

Debug Flaky Tests without Guessing

Start debugging test failures in CI for free with our 14 day free trial.
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