End-to-End Test Platform For Busy Developers

Accelerate end-to-end test creation and runs so you can focus on building.

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Autogenerate Scripts with DeploySentinel Recorder

Generate test scripts by clicking through your app with our open source recorder, no testing expertise required. Compatible with Playwright, Cypress, and Puppeteer.

Automatically Capture Events

Generate code automatically for every click, key press, and more. Customize advanced behaviors via code if desired.

Intelligent Selectors

Get unique and stable element selectors automatically. No more hunting for selectors manually.

Free & Open Source

DeploySentinel Recorder is completely free, no sign ups, no vendor-specific dependencies.

Run Tests with DeploySentinel Testing Platform

Well take care of running test scripts, CI/CD integration, auto-retries, recordings, debug traces, parallelization, and alerts. Compatible with Playwright and Cypress.
Private Beta

Flexible Test Authoring

Generate test scripts with our recorder or write your own test code. You have the flexibility of Javascript without needing to write all the tests yourself.
Fully compatible with Playwright & Cypress, no vendor-specific libraries required.

Integrate with CI/CD

With a few lines of code, DeploySentinel will start running your E2E tests triggered from your CI/CD pipeline.
No pipeline yet? Schedule tests to run periodically or trigger runs via our webhook.
Github Actions, CircleCI, and AWS CodePipeline Logos

Debug With Full Information

DeploySentinel captures video, DOM, console logs, network requests and more for every test run to get you pointed in the right direction.
Dont debug UI issues with text logs.

And More...

Automatic Parallelization

Eliminate worker clusters and speed up test results with our parallelized test runners.

Failure Alerts

Get alerted via email or Slack as soon as a test fails to take action.

Auto-retry Flaky Tests

Tired of flakes? We’ll double check a test before declaring it failed.

Get Free Early Access

Join the free beta program for DeploySentinel.
$3 / 1k Runs
7 Day Logs/Video Retention
Unlimited Tests
Unlimited Users
Saved Logs/Video on All Runs
No Contracts or Upfront Commitments
Only pay for what you use, completely free during the beta period. Beta users will get a 30% discount after the free beta.