Debug, Monitor & Parallelize E2E Tests in CI

Time-travel debug CI test failures, track performance trends, and dynamically parallelize tests.
Built for Cypress & Playwright.

Test Debugging - Network Request Failures

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Save Time & Sanity Fixing Tests in CI

Dive in beyond screenshots and video - time travel debug and leverage analytics to pinpoint the root cause of test failures
Inspect & Playback Full DOM Recordings
Using a browser inspect element tool to inspect DOM snapshots
Debug Network Payloads
Debug network payloads
Uncover Race Conditions with Test Timeline
Debug network payloads
and more...
Console Logs
View any console message emitted from your app, test, or browser.
Historic Test Trend
Determine historical test flakiness or errors for any test case in a single click.
Memory Metrics
Debug low-memory-induced flakes by tracking memory usage through test runs.
Custom Events
Enrich test runs with custom debug data such as DB snapshots.

Try the Debugger Live Demo

You can use your browser's dev tools and inspect the DOM snapshot.
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Keep On Top of App & Test Suite Health

Get a birds-eye view on errors, flakes, slow tests, and common error messages all within a few clicks.
Track Test Suite Trends
Debug network payloads
Actionable Analytics Directly in Pull Requests
Using a browser inspect element tool to inspect DOM snapshots

Accelerate Test Runs with Dynamic Parallelization

With DeploySentinel Dynamic Parallelization
Dynamic test parallelization with DeploySentinel
Without Parallelization
Without test parallelization

Why Engineering Teams Love DeploySentinel

Joe Gaudet
Director of Software Development
Debugging flaky tests using DeploySentinel has been a game changer for our team, allowing us to ship features quickly and confidently. The difference between simple videos is night & day.
Christopher Jamison
Lead QA Software Automation Engineer
Before working with you guys, I would run Cypress tests locally until I got tests to fail because the Cypress Dashboard didn't give enough information. With DeploySentinel, I no longer have to do that.

Accelerate Bug Resolution in Production

Uncover root causes of production bugs instantly. User Session Replays and API calls unified with Logs, Traces, and Errors - all at a fraction of alternatives.
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