NewComing from Cypress Studio? DeploySentinel Recorder is now available as a Cypress plugin for Cypress v10 users!Get the Cypress plugin

DeploySentinel Recorder

Generate Cypress, Playwright and Puppeteer tests from recording your browser interactions.

Eliminate Manual Effort in Creating Browser Automation Scripts

Simply step through your website while recording with DeploySentinel Recorder and the extension will convert the captured user flow into a Cypress, Playwright or Puppeteer script.

Automatically Capture Browser Events

Capture clicks, keyboard inputs, scrolling, and more from just interacting with your web app normally.

Intelligently Selected Selectors

Automatically use unique element selectors and prioritize stable selectors for you. Avoid manually generating selectors by flipping through DOM hiearchies.

Copy Clean Code Straight to Your Clipboard

Cypress, Puppeteer and Playwright scripts are generated with only the minimum lines of code required and include human-readable comments. Copy generated code any time during the test or afterwards.

Debug Flaky Cypress Test from CI with DeploySentinel

Check out DeploySentinel to easily find the root cause of unreproducible Cypress test failures with DOM, network, and console events captured while running in your CI.