Introducing Our Free Cypress Parallelization Plan

By Michael ShiLast Updated on Oct 19, 2022

We started building DeploySentinel to help engineers quickly and easily work with testing frameworks. While debugging failing tests from CI is often the most frustrating part of testing, waiting for test results often comes a close second.

Parallelizing Cypress tests is almost a requirement to keep feedback cycles reasonable for engineers working with a significant number of Cypress tests. This is why we're excited to announce our free plan, allowing parallelization to be used for free for up to 7,500 test case runs a month!

Cypress tests are running

Teams can parallelize hundreds of builds for a medium-sized test suite every month on our new plan - without needing to swipe a credit card or manually set up test splitting strategies. Our free plan also includes a 14 day trial of debugging and reporting, so users can experience all the features of the DeploySentinel platform before deciding which plan makes the most sense for their team.

We're excited to give back to the Cypress community with our free plan and continue to make it faster and easier than ever to work with automated tests.

Get started today for free with DeploySentinel!

Eliminate Flaky Cypress Tests with DeploySentinel
Debug & fix Cypress tests with full DOM, network and console events captured from your CI runs. Test parallelization and analytics included.
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Special thanks to the authors of the sorry-cypress project, which we've based our parallelization implementation on top of.