January 2023 Product Updates

January 2023 Product Updates

Written by Michael Shi Michael Shi • Published on Feb 1, 2023
January 2023 Product Updates

🏔 January Update Highlights

Update the plugin to get all the latest improvements:

npm install -D @deploysentinel/cypress-debugger

Using Cypress 12.5.0 or later? Upgrade to @deploysentinel/cypress-debugger@0.7.7 for compatibility updates.

🎭 Playwright Reporter

We’re excited to launch our support for the Playwright E2E test framework, bringing the same integrated reporting and debugging experience that we’ve built for Cypress onto Playwright. All runs on the Playwright Reporter (opens in a new tab) will be free during the beta.

playwright support

📉 Network Latency Analysis

With @deploysentinel/cypress-debugger@0.7.7 you can optimize your app's performance with our new network latency analysis feature. Quickly identify slow API endpoints and track their performance trends over time for continuous improvement.

Get started by going to the Network Latency tab under Analysis (opens in a new tab) after upgrading the debugger package.

network latency demo

💬 Slack Integration

Stay on top of test results with our new Slack integration. Get instant notifications when your test suite fails, complete with detailed test results and direct links to start debugging & collaborating with DeploySentinel.

Set up the integration inside your team page (opens in a new tab).

network latency demo

🔥 Rapid Fire Updates

  • Cypress v12.5.0 Compatibility - Update the debugger to v0.7.7 for compatibility updates with Cypress v12.5.0.
  • GraphQL Parsing - Our network tab got an upgrade to search on and show GraphQL operation and operation names.
  • Scroll to Zoom in Timeline - Have a ton of actions in the timeline? Use your scroll wheel to zoom in/out of the timeline to inspect timing details during a test.
  • API Key Rotation - Keep your API keys fresh by rotating them inside the teams page (opens in a new tab) at any time.
  • Github Comment Build Link - Now you can easily access the full build details via a link at the bottom of every DeploySentinel Github comment.
  • Docker + Github Actions Caching Tips (opens in a new tab) - Our latest blog post on how we speed up our Docker builds in Github Actions using Docker Buildx caching.