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Dev-Friendly CI Debugging & Reporting for Playwright

Empower developers with a Chrome-like debug experience for CI and a central dashboard for test results, no artifact files required.

Playwright Test Result Summary in Github

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Save Time & Sanity Fixing Tests in CI

Skip downloading CI artifacts and manually inspecting traces from CLI.
Get an augmented trace viewer experience directly in your browser - no artifact management required.
Inspect Full DOM Recordings
Using a browser inspect element tool to inspect DOM snapshots
Search & Debug Network Payloads
Debug network payloads
Uncover Race Conditions with Test Timeline
Debug network payloads
and more...
Console Logs
View any console message emitted from your app, test, or browser.
Historic Test Trend
Determine historical test flakiness or errors for any test case in a single click.

Try the Live Demo

Try out the live debugger below. You can open the browser dev tools and inspect the DOM snapshot as well.
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Keep On Top of App & Test Suite Health

Get a birds-eye view on errors, flakes, slow tests, and common error messages all within a few clicks.
Track Test Suite Trends
Debug network payloads
Actionable Analytics Directly in Pull Requests
Using a browser inspect element tool to inspect DOM snapshots

Get started in less than 2 minutes

Add our Playwright reporter with just 4 lines of configuration. Fully compatible with your existing Playwright test suite, no test changes necessary.
1. Install via NPM or Yarn
2. Configure Reporter Options
import type { PlaywrightTestConfig } from '@playwright/test';
const config: PlaywrightTestConfig = {
  reporter: '@deploysentinel/playwright',
  use: {
    /* Make sure this is not 'off' so debugger can upload trace info */
    trace: 'on',
export default config;
3. Run Playwright with an API Key

Debug Flaky Tests without Guessing

Start debugging test failures in CI for free with our 14 day free trial.
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